7 Things You Should Do Before You Start Homeschooling

Do you want to start homeschooling but don’t know how to get started? Are you looking for help to get started homeschooling? Want to find other homeschoolers, homeschooling support groups and like minded homeschooling families? Or do you need homeschooling information for Canadian homeschoolers? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

There are so many wonderful homeschooling blogs on the internet, packed full of amazing info on homeschooling. However, most of the homeschooling blogs I’ve have come across are from the very active American homeschooling community. There are the occasional homeschooling blog from the UK. But there is definitely less of a presence of homeschooling blogs from Canadian homeschoolers.

Although much of the homeschooling information from the US and the UK can be used by homeschoolers all over the world (this goes for the Canadian info as well), there are differences between the law and requirements of homeschooling between Canada, the US and the UK.

Homeschooling in Canada is a much easier process to start and keep going than it is to homeschool in the United States. There is NO complicated paperwork to complete, no special income tax requirements, no provincial or standardized testing that your child has to complete. It is really easy to start, if you know where to go to get help to get started. But before you get started homeschooling you should do these 7 things first.



If your child is currently attending school or registered to attend school, you’ll need to give the school board written notification of your intent to homeschool instead. You do not need to send a letter of intent if your child has never attended school. However, you can opt to do so if you want to for any reason. You can download the most recent copy of the Notice of Intent to Homeschool from the Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents website (ontariohomeschool.org).



Get connected to a homeschooling group to get support for yourself with learning how to homeschool and to find families in your area that have similar homeschooling goals, family composition and interests. This can be online, phone, or in person. Joining the right homeschooling co-op or groups also helps to keep your child involved with peers, and provide opportunities for field trips, workshops, and other activities.



Once you’ve connected to a homeschooling support group, don’t be shy to ask homeschool related questions, homeschoolers will be more than happy to share with you their experience, provide advice, suggestions or refer you to the right place.



Read books, articles, blogs, and forums on homeschooling to learn about teaching and learning styles, homeschooling methods and approaches, curriculum options and to get inspiration on how to organize your homeschool.



Figure out what your homeschooling goal is for the next 12 weeks, and what monthly goals you want to meet and focus on, i.e., academics, religious education, life skills or a combination of them.



Start small with the thing that is easiest for you then add more as you go along. Start with the things that your child / family enjoys doing (even if it isn’t math, English or science).



Do things that way that suits you and take your child’s interests and personality into consideration. Homeschooling should not become overwhelming for you or your family. Remember to have fun!

Are you planning to start homeschooling with a kindergartener or has your child already started school? Are you going to be homeschooling in Canada or overseas? Are there any activities or trips that you want to do with your child? Did I miss anything? Please share any points that helped you before you started homeschooling in the comments below.



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