5 Things That Will Make Your Homeschooling Journey Easier


Have you begun homeschooling recently? Are you overwhelmed with all the info out there about getting started? Want to find things to make starting homeschooling easier? Are you interested in learning how to homeschooling on a budget? Not sure how to manage your household and homeschooling? Many new homeschooler have answered yes to one or more or these questions. The answers are easier than you think, with the help of some focused and easy to understand info on homeschool – you can be on your way to happy homeschooling days.

The key to an easier homeschooling journey is to not complicate things by diving in head first. There’s a pool of information out there. But if you are in unfamiliar waters, even things that are pretty routine for novice homeschoolers can seem so difficult for beginner homeschoolers. You’ve really just got to work your way up, step-by-step, to the next homeschooling level so that you have a smooth transition every time.

Don’t worry, even if you have started homeschooling already, you can still use some of these tips to help make things even easier for you.



Don’t assume that you’ll always use the same curriculum or belong to the same homeschooling group. Over time you may find that your educational philosophy evolves, or that the books you used for your older child is not suited to your younger child’s learning style and interests. Likewise, the group or activity you get involved with may turn out to not be the best for your family after all. Just roll with it.



If something, anything, isn’t working, give it one more try and then move on. There’s no use being stubborn about it. We may love the idea of our daughter learning martial arts, but when it become a fight to get her to go to class, you may have to give up and move on to another activity.



In Ontario, literacy and numeracy skills are the ONLY two things that homeschooling parents are required to maintain. I can’t over-emphasize the importance of English and math. They are the keys to everything else your child will learn. Do everything you can to develop strong readers and little mathematicians. Even if that means eliminating other subjects.



Being homeschooled does NOT mean that you only learn at home. The world is your classroom! There are many programs and classes available for your child to attend. Register for homeschool trips or plan a family vacations that will reinforce what your children have been learning.



Despite the ‘togetherness’ of homeschooling, you should consider setting aside time to bond as a family by doing things you all enjoy. This should counteract the time spent doing the ‘business’ of homeschool. Designating a ‘Family Night’ or a ‘Date Night’ with your husband can greatly improve the atmosphere in your home. A happy mom, makes a happy home.

I am a big fan of organizing and attending group field trips, workshops and homeschooler social activities as part of my homeschooling curriculum. What are some things you do to make homeschooling easier for you? Is there anything fun that your family likes to do to make homeschooling more of a family affair? Do you find that scheduling mommy me time reduces burn out? I would love to hear from you and I am sure others will be happy to get some more ideas from all you lovely ladies.





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